Friday, April 12, 2013

The My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Silmarillion" Theory

A Princess who can alter her appearance at will and a Changeling Queen...
A Princess who rebelled against her elder sister... not present when the Queen attacked the kingdom...
A Princess unaffected by the potent Elements and a Queen who would topple a god...

Hi, everyone! It's Jen and yes I'm still alive and blogging on here. I should really see to my DA account, but....
You guys are probably wondering about the meaning of the picture right?
I was watching a review on YouTube by BronyCurious and Anthony C where they covered the Season 2 Finale of MLP:FiM. A good review that totally wrecked my love over that episode, to be fair, but what REALLY BLEW MY MIND was what was said at the end of the video.
BronyCurious connected some dots together using J.R.R. Tolkien's unfinished work The Silmarillion as a base and likened Princess Luna of MLP to Melkor of the Valar.

  • Melkor rebelled against his brothers, the Valar, Luna did so too towards her sister Celestia.
  • Melkor was imprisoned for eons for his crime before repenting, Luna likewise.
  • However, Melkor was only feigning repentance and sought to steal the light of the world... What if... Princess Luna too...

In the season 2 finale, The Queen of the Changelings, a sentient race of insectoid-like ponies who can change their appearance  infiltrated the kingdom, disguised as a pony. When she finally revealed herself, her power was so great that she was able to defeat Princess Celestia, the immortal and powerful ruler of the Kingdom who could raise the sun. The queen was surprised at this development, curious enough, though she was expelled from the kingdom soon enough by our "mane" cast. Later that evening, Princess Luna, absent from most of the story's events, reappears...

It's an interesting theory, so I drew an image similar to the image in the video. Here is a link to the video here and the theory goes from 27:54 to the end of the video at 32 minutes. Check it out for yourself and come to your own conclusions, dang it! :)

Signed the girl who officially named her YouTube page as Catwithpencil,

Monday, January 14, 2013

Spring 2013!

-What are you talking about? Of course there is a picture here. It's just reeeeaaaally small.

Hello, interwebers! Jen is back for another semester at DVC. Not in Art 166 this semester. Still listed as current student. Wha- I'm sure that'll change.
Three classes this semester and then the DVC chapter will close (hopefully). Portfolio, Figure drawing, and Animation and Interactivity. Something tells me my free time is going out the window... again.

Signed the girl who has another semester, another Leeper class...

Monday, December 17, 2012

Crossing the Geekdoms 9 (Goldfeather and Silverwing's kits revealed!)

Soulsilver jumped into a hunter's crouch and swayed his heavily plumed tail into the air."Come on, sis, let's play."
The golden cat sat stiffly and peered out of the corner of her eye at the large silver tom. "No," she hissed, her orange eyes sternly narrowed. "What if our mentors are watching?"
Her brother took no notice of her disapproval and chuckled. "You're such a stick in the mud, Heartgold."

- The Clear Bell chimed, two warriors appeared for a challenge!

Hi, again. You remember Goldfeather and Silverwing had kits? OF COURSE YOU DO. I had mentioned them awhile ago as Apprentices. I had finished their drawings, but I figured they had waited long enough and made them Warriors: Heartgold and Soulsilver!

signed the girl who is going to sign off now, okay?

Flutter-tea (My Little Pon-tea: French Roast is Magic)

"I-I'm just going to sit in this teacup... if that's alright with you."

Dedicated to my non-brony friend. I'm going to "Love and Tolerate" your opinion that Ponies are of the Devil.

Ni hao! (The title of this post got a bit outta hand...) D'aaw, Fluttershy is so cute in her little teacup. I even edited the lineart so that the colors match.

*Backstory* I was hanging out with a bunch of high school friends. One of my friends and I are Bronies (fans of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic who are considered overage by society) and one of my other friends, let's call her "Jackie", said that the show was weird and she hated it. Naturally, I was shocked and asked her to elaborate. She didn't, but Jackie later said it wasn't her cup of tea. Therefore: Ponies in teacups.
A few friends have been waiting for this particular post; thanks for your patience.

Signed the girl wondering what her next project will be,

Whiteflare and Blackbolt's kits (X-ing Geekdoms 8 part 2)

(from left to right) Truthkit, Idealkit, (in the back) Greykit
-"Umm... Explanation?"

Gladly. Okay, in a linear fashion and reviewing the facts you should know:
1. Jen draws the versions of the Pokemon videogames personified as cats. Duh.
2. Pokemon videogames can be grouped together in what fans call "Generations". Correct. I've been releasing images in these groups for a few months now.
3. Each "Generation" is usually made up of 2 new games released to the masses at the same time and then a year later 1 remake of the two games is created (ex. Gold version and Silver version released together and, one year later, Crystal version is released). The first two game plots are similar in subject matter and the remake has a slightly different retelling. HOLD IT!!! This part is important!

Now, the latest generation of Pokemon (Gen5) came out with two games as usual (Black and White). Fans therefore expected a third installment of the games to come out: Fans referred to this as Pokemon Grey. Then surprise! Fans found out that instead of one remake, we got sequels, 2 versions of sequels (Black 2 and White 2). Grey was nothing but a fan dream quickly dashed for these new sequels.

In my situation, I was going to draw a Greykit for the release of the remake, but was given to sequels instead. So I made Truthkit and Idealkit (named after the conflicting forces of the Generation 5 games), but what about poor Greykit? I used my creativity and got this story idea for these three!
Whiteflare and Blackbolt, both newly appointed warriors of PocketClan, were blessed with a litter of three kits: Truthkit, Idealkit, and Greykit. Unfortunately, Greykit was small, sickly, and rarely cried. Crystalwhisker, the Medicinecat, tried her best but the young tom did not survive his third day of life. The whole clan from apprentice to Redstar, mourned the loss of young life, but everycat carried a spark of hope because they knew that the kit was watching them from the safety of Starclan...

Signed the girl who saw that tear in your eye (don't deny that you cried inside),

Crossing the Geekdoms 8 (Generation 5) part 1


- Awwwwww

Hi, interneters! THE SEMESTER'S FINALLY OVER. Now I'm going to relax and post some pictures.
This is Blackbolt and Whiteflare (Purr-sonas for Pokemon Black and White games). They are the most recent warriors to Pocketclan and already PARENTS (Coming sooon)?! Whiteflare might need work, her back legs are considerably shorter than her front legs...

signed the girl who got a flu shot today (...owwww),

Monday, December 3, 2012

Meow (New picture is new)

- No more, "Come @ me, bro!"

Hello again, nya!
I'VE BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOR SO LONG and now it's finally done! My new Blogger Profile Pic! Isn't it cute? I even have my beloved red pencil with me. The "Come @ me, bro!" pic has been long over due for replacement and can now ease into retirement. *sighs at own achievement which she never does enough*

Signed the girl who now has MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DRAW AND WRITE,

Hey, Wade, take a look at this!

- Not so Cat-a-strophic! Haha. *gets shot in the head*

¡Hola, Espectadores!
Okay, no more Spanish. Here's a little (relatively speaking) character page I drew for a game I have yet to play: Gamma Wars! Imagine Dungeons and Dragons but set in pre-apocalyptic times when crazy mutated beings go wild. She's a Felinoid (part of the sphyx variety) and has a great backstory. And look! Textures! She doesn't have a name just yet, but her design reminded me so much of Wade's sci-fi idea for this semester that I thought I would post it.

Signed the girl who CAN legally drink but chooses not to,